Thursday 1 October
Catalina Estrada graduated in Graphic Design at the University of Medellín (Colombia). In 1999 she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she works as a designer and illustrator today. Catalina has managed to reinterpret the Latin American folklore and express it in her designs with a very personal visual language. Flora and fauna are the main source of inspiration with which she builds a baroque, cheerful and bright universe. A wide palette of colors and a refined combination of delicate and elegant images are her hallmark. Her work has led to different media such as advertising, publishing, industrial design or fashion, with clients such as Paul Smith, Coca -Cola, Microsoft Zune, Sony Music, Camper, Nike, Levis, Smart, Lexus, Paulo Coelho or the city councils of Barcelona and London.

Friday 2 October
Nicolas Burrows is an artist , illustrator and musician from UK who works in London. His visual practice deals with the formal aspects of harmony , improvisation , composition and color. His working language is based on graphic design and outsider art originality, incorporating techniques such as collage, printmaking, drawing, assembly, digital processes ,musical performance or writing. Nicolas is a member of Nous Vous, a group of artists who, since 2007, collaborates on projects that have to be with illustration, design, animation, art direction and advertising. He has worked with clients such as the Tate London, the British Museum, Bloomberg, The New York Times or the Royal Opera House.

Saturday 3 October
Ben Newman is a young British illustrator who has developed, over the years, his own particular and characteristic aesthetic; a contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colors and fun characters which has been called “bauhaus fuzzy felt”. He has produced work for a large range of clients, including the Tate Modern, New York Times, BBC Radio 4, Google and Volkswagen. His practice extends outside of commercial work into worldwide exhibitions. Concurrent to working as a freelance illustrator, Newman lectures on illustration at various universities and conferences in the UK and Europe. He also has a part-time role working as an art director for Nobrow and Flying Eye Books.

Saturday 3 October
Geneviève Gauckler is a French artist, illustrator and art director with a huge experience backed by a brilliant career. Graduated from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), her colorful characters and funny compositions are her hallmark. Currently, Geneviève has been focusing on videos (Brigitte Fontaine, some experimental videos with the collective Pleix), art (Mandala Project), illustrations for various magazines (Flaunt, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Le Figaro Japan, IDN, Form, Vogue UK), advertising (Renault, Bourjois, Coca-Cola, Skype, PlayStation, Lane Crawford, Orange, o2 Germany, Adobe) and books, objects, toys & Tshirts (Domestic, Medicom Toys, 2K, BeamsT, Publik) corporate identity (Hip), character design, exhibitions, comic book (L’Arbre Génialogique), animated tittle sequences (German-French Art Channel).
Miguel Noguera

Thursday 1 October
Miguel Noguera is a comedian, writer and artist trained at the UB Barcelona, where he studied Fine Arts. Shortly after finishing, he begins to work on scenic projects, which he combines with his role as illustrator. Creator of Ultrashow, the format that characterizes his live performances, Noguera makes this representation become a monologue in which he displays a series of personal ideas, often accompanied by projections of his own artwork, and where there is not a closed script. In 2010 he published a book with Jonathan Millán, Hervir un oso (Belleza Infinita) and in 2011 his first book, Ultraviolencia, was published in solitary for the publisher Blackie Books. He continued working for the same publisher which published Ser madre hoy (2012) and Mejor vida (2013).

Friday 2 October
Doris Freigofas and Daniel Dolz are Golden Cosmos. This couple of designers share a study in Berlin where they develop all their working flow. Their illustrations, with a noticeable European style, based on a palette of primary colours, print stencils and a lot of pencil have already gone around the world. The screen printing, engravings of limited edition, posters and books are the medium for this true association between art and illustration. Their selfpublished books, printed in runs of limited edition have won them supporters all around the world and have led them to gaining prizes like the Gold Medal in the 2011 edition of the Proshow contest 3+3 in New York. From Berlin, they draw for The New York Times, DIE ZEIT, Gestalten or the publisher Nobrow among others.
Lo Siento

Thursday 1 October
Lo Siento are Borja Martinez (creative director and founder of the study) and Gerard Miró ( paper surgeon and 3D designer). Design studio based in Barcelona, their projects range from corporate identity to paper handling to create three-dimensional figures. They also make packaging and editorial design. All their projects have a clean aesthetics and a witty and original execution. Paper is their working tool with which they experiment, exploring the plastic design side. A great sample is the 4D Typo project.
Olimpia Zagnoli

Friday 2 October
Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator who works as a freelance from his studio in Milan. Her style is characterized by soft and suggestive figures. Vibrant blocks of colour, witty but subtle observations about those around her and simple but very effective execution through silhouettes and bold shapes that she uses to create her illustrations. Her client list includes, among others, The New York Times, The New Yorker, La Repubblica, Taschen, TIME, Google, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Monocle, Vanity Fair, Clinique, Air France, Yale University, The Guardian.
Carles Porta

Friday 2 October
Carles Porta graduated in the faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi in the University of Barcelona. His career has focused on different fields such as illustration, graphic design and animation. He has worked as an illustrator for various national magazines ( El Magazine de la Vanguardia , El Dominical del Periódico de Cataluña) , comics ( el Víbora, TBO , … ) , children’s magazines ( Tretzevents , CavallFort ) and books.
He´s been developing the graphic image of the different editions of the festival Animac ( International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia) since 1997.
In 1999 he awarded the Jules Gerets Prize of the International Festival d’ Annecy.

Thursday 1 October
Álvaro Pons is Professor in the Department of Optics of the University of Valencia. He combines his job at the university with the disclosure and comic review. His relationship with the world of comic began in 1990 through several publications and fanzines. He has collaborated on the book Neil Gaiman, tejedor de sueños (Global 1994) and Alan Moore, el señor del tiempo (Global 1994). In 2007 he published the book Viñetas a la luna de Valencia, a review of Valencian comics from 1965 to 2007 (Ponent).
In 2006 he began to publish in the newspaper El País, where he has written regularly about comics until 2012. He has received the Award for comic disclosure in the Barcelona Comic Fair in its 2009 edition.

Saturday 3 October
Sam Arthur is a founding partner and Managing Director of Nobrow Press, set up in 2008 as a narrative & graphic art publishing platform, and Flying Eye Books,its children’s imprint . Sam studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and went on to direct commercials, music videos and short films before setting up Nobrow. They currently publish around 35 books per year and are distributed all over the world. Their books include award-winning titles as well as critically acclaimed publications that define the picture book and art-comic genre.Sam is also co-founder and Director of the East London Comics & Arts Festival (ELCAF) now in it’s 4th year. Sam sits on the board of directors of the Association of Illustrators an independent professional body representing the interests of illustrators all over the world.