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Julio Antonio Blasco also known as Sr. López works as an illustrator, graphic designer, editor in his own publishing house Símientes Editores and manager in Estudio 64, a library specialized in illustration which he runs with his partner, Javier Undiano , thus closing the circle , covering all areas from creation to marketing, through design and editing.
His work moves between illustration , painting, collage, design and even sculpture made ​​from small objects, a back and forth between different fields of creativity to make pictures result of the mix of different disciplines : a collage of techniques , materials, proposals and methods. ” Anything goes, nothing is thrown , matter transforms “.

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Mar Hernández (Malota) holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She works as a freelance illustrator and is internationally represented by Anna Goodson Illustration Agency of Canada . Mar is a versatile illustrator who has worked in different fields such as publishing, press, advertising, audiovisual and product . His colorful illustrations have served to give voice to diverse customer projects as : Samsung USA, Private USA , The Wall Street Journal ( USA) , Variety Magazine (USA) , FoodService & amp; Hospitality Magazine ( Canada) , Open Skies Magazine ( Emirates ) , Vioro Magazine ( Italy) , Volkswagen (Germany) , etc. She has also recently published titles as: Gordito (Ed. Sallybooks ) Hacia ningún lugar (Símientes Editores)-which has received three Anuaria Gold awards and the award for Best Illustrated Book of Valencia , awarded by the Ministry of Culture- .

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Milimbo books connect us to the popular literature and fairy tales . They don´t pretend to tell the same stories again ; They follow to the imaginary where those stories lie and continue living , they bring us closer to them inductively and make us go through the back door , closer to the riddle and the observation of certainty.
It is not another design exercise ; they get to awake the symbol through the sign.
When you meet Milimbo books on the shelves of children’s bookstore first thing you ask is whether those books are really childish. The adult is not sure that this book is for the child; The child would never place the book on his dad´s shelf . And that is precisely the essence of children’s literature : the artistic tension that runs through the area of ​​adult-child relationships.
Rafa Mölck

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Rafa Mölck is a Valencian engraver and printer formed in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He moves halfway between the publishing world, the original print or corporate stationery and is the soul of Lanevera Editions , a studio for craft stamping specialized in photomechanical processes and traditional printing systems : screen printing, lithography , etching and engraving .

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O’porcelaine is an small enclosed space , a gap in an architecture from which to enjoy , from production processes to the end , convinced that there are no small projects and the possible formats are infinite.
Why porcelain ? We are daughters of the ceramist who placed this material in our hands to play and build trees in plaster models . Porcelain, glazes , polishes are the salt and pepper in the studio, at home. We are daughters of porcelain.
O’porcelaine are gems . High jewelery pieces in porcelain recover local tradition and create ceramic pieces with a deep awareness of context but also causing the simplicity of what is universally beautiful.