3 Tips to PRIME Your Body For WEIGHT LOSS

Three ways to detox in the morning and prime your body for weight loss for the rest of the day. #weightlosstip #weightlosstipsforwomen #weightlosstipsandtricks #weightlossadvice #fatlosstip #fatlosstipsforfemale #fatlosstipsforwomen #fatlossadvice #wfpbno #wfpbdiet #wfpbweightloss #fruitbased #lowfatdiet

22 comentario en “3 Tips to PRIME Your Body For WEIGHT LOSS”
  1. fruit doesn’t do ANYTHING for you if you aren’t eating fats and proteins. It’s only adding sugar sugar sugar into your body. Please eat what your body needs! Don’t deprive yourself of anything you want or need.

  2. Start your day with green tea and lemon , green tea helps with detox and so does the lemon , only you know what is good for your body it’s all about portion and exercise , a 30 min walk can go a long way 🙂

  3. Please provide a third-party scientifical or doctor approved valid reason for you to spew all this information. Please use facts not just your opinion.

  4. You HAVE to eat fat for breakfast if you want to be healthy. EVERY WOMAN have to eat fat and protein for breakfast to have good balance of hormones. It is not about weight loss! It’s about your life! If you want to live long life, to have your period, to have children, you should start your day with fat. They give you energy, you will be full until lunch without any snacks.

    Dear lady, STOP giving people false information and spoil their health! you are not a doctor, you do not have the knowledge to give advice. Stop imposing your unhealthy lifestyle on everyone!

  5. Dont listen to people who dont know jack shit about the human body. Our gut bacteria does its job to detox us fine

  6. Fat is important for health, so as fruit. Just consume everything in moderation. Balance is the key. Why people has to be extreme when it comes to food lol

  7. Your skin and hair even with all the make up and style clearly shows you don’t eat enough fat and protein. You are bringing others into your eating disorder. Get help

  8. This is straight up bs. You don't need to "detox", your liver does that for you. You don't need to "prime your body for weight loss". Weight loss is literally calories in Vs calories out.

    Of course drinking water and eating fruit is good for you. But there's no need to only eat fruit until lunch. If I only ate fruit then went to the gym I would probably pass out. Carbs and fats are not the enemy!! Please don't believe this shit just because a skinny woman is saying it

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